Bath Loofah



Gently exfoliate your skin with our bath loofah.

Our bath loofah from Faay Haus is sustainably grown in Northeast Thailand and harvested by a local community.

Made from 100% Egyptian loofah with cotton string, contains no plastic and is biodegradable after you are done using it.

First time use:

  • Our bath loofahs are flat due to shipping.
  • Simply soak for 15 minutes in warm water, and it will return to its regular shape.

Caring for your loofah:

  • Prevent bacteria and mold growth by making sure you place your loofah outside of the shower to dry properly after use.
  • Since loofahs scrub dead skin from your body and if not dried properly can encourage bad bacteria growth, you can clean your loofa with a hot water and vinegar solution.
  • Recommended to replace every month or so.