Porter Ceramic Mug 12oz

By W&P

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Porter is a stylish update to disposable plastic cups or metal to-go mugs. We wrapped an interior ceramic mug with a protective silicone sleeve that's soft on the hands to prevent scratches and spills. Comes in our crave-worthy colour palette and Terrazzo pattern, so your drink looks as good as it tastes.

(The Terrazzo Charcoal colour is discounted 20% because there is a slight issue with the end of silicone sleeve not being flush with the mug. It does not affect the mug overall, it is merely cosmetic.)

Please note this mug is not insulated.

  • Crafted from durable ceramic with a matte silicone wrap and a BPA-free press-fit lid
  • Lid presses gently into mug to avoid spills — designed for gentle transit (it fits in most car cup holders), the mug is splash-resistant but not leak-proof
  • Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe
  • Note: Soft sleeve is warm to the touch with a hot drink inside — this mug doesn't insulate, so drinks will cool at a regular pace; Heat the mug with hot water first if you like your drinks piping hot