Aisle Reusable Liner


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The team at Aisle thought it was high time for the period aisle to be reinvented as a place of comfort, sustainability and respect. Made in Canada, their innovative, planet-friendly materials offer superior comfort and performance, along with peace of mind that everything sold is ethically sourced and made.

Liners combine ultra-thin leak protection with a patented, high performance cotton top layer. A smart, sustainable alternative to disposable liners. These everyday liners have your back with an ultra-thin, leak-locking layer and fast drying cotton top. Holds up to 1 tampons worth. 


USE : Liners are thinner for light flow days, spotting, or to backup your menstrual cup. Change out at least once a day, or about as often as you would change a disposable liner.

WASH : Machine wash and dry. Rinse in cool water, then wash and dry with your regular laundry. As with any garment, wash with like colors.

Made in Canada.

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