BSG Floss



This BSG Floss is available as individual refills or in a glass and stainless steel dispenser. The floss is nylon, coated with food grade beeswax and it has a mint scent. Each refill roll is 30 metres long.


Why is this sustainable?

Buying refills rather than a whole new container of dental floss saves 10-12 grams of plastic, based on the average dental floss container.

Before you buy a set with a container, check if your current container can be refilled - a lot of companies do not advertise their containers as refillable but they are! Check out this video for a demo!



Discard floss as general trash. Nylon floss should not be flushed or washed down sinks.

Glass part of the container can be recycled. Stainless steel part of the container can be placed within other larger stainless steel items to be recycled, as it is too small to put in recycle bins on its own.