Bug OFF! Plant Edition

By Kaimana

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Did you know, to properly mix Neem oil for your bug spray you have to emulsify it first? Then mix it with warm water before its ready? If you don't the hassle of figuring this all out, we got you covered!

Introducing Kaimana's very own Bug OFF! 100% plant based and ready to go, all you gotta do is shake before use! It's that simple. Best used in the evening as the sun can cause sunburn to your plant if it the oil is wet on the leaves. 

A little bit about Neem oil. Neem oil is biodegradable and non-toxic. It kills insects at all stages of development — adult, larvae and egg. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Give it a try today!


Shake well before use!


  1. Filtered Water
  2. Kaimana 100% Neem Oil
  3. Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Dish Soap