Chubby Bums Reusable Adjustable Cloth Diaper

Chubby Phat Kisses

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Chubby Bums is Brunei's very first adjustable cloth diaper with breathable bamboo fibre insert, preventing diaper rash and infections. Designed to grow with your baby from birth up to potty training, these reusable diapers are fantastic for the environment and your wallet.

5 adorable designs available showcasing Brunei's wildlife.

Available to purchase in singles to try them out. Buy all designs in a bundle of 5 and save 10%.

Care instructions:

  • Rinse off solids first
  • Remove insert from diaper cover
  • Use a laundry bag if using washing machine
  • Use non-bio laundry detergent (more gentle on fabric)
  • Wash on gentle cycle, warm water

Designed in Brunei. Made in China.

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