Crochet Kitchen Sponge


We have a new sponge available in our store. It's truly one of a kind. Let us introduce to you, the Crochet Kitchen Sponge! It is soft, durable and handmade locally for your eco-friendly dish washing. Once it get really worn out, you can just throw it to your garden or your compost bin and it will slowly decompose.

How to use: Just like any other conventional sponge, wet it first then apply Kaimana Dish Soap Block or any dish soap you have available. After that, you can then start washing your dishes. When it starts to get a bit slippery, you insert your fingers into its 'pocket' to have a better grip. 

How to dry: It's best to remove the excess water first then 'open up' the pocket and place it on your dish rack to properly dry it.

Size: 12cm x 6.5cm

Material: 100% Medium Weight Cotton Yarn