Kaimana French Green Clay

By Kaimana

French green clay is a pure, untreated clay, with a beautiful light green colour and soft texture. This clay is known for its absorbent, purifying and skin calming properties. It gets its green colour from a combination of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter.

The highly absorbent French green clay is recommended for oily skin as it will remove excessive oil from the pores of the skin. When applied on the skin, French green clay pulls out all the toxins like a magnet. Having ionic charge, the molecules of the clay attach itself to the toxic molecules which can be washed away to rid the skin of impurities.


To use as a mask, mix equal parts clay and your favourite carrier oil, leave on for 8-12minutes making sure the mask does not dry out and rinse off!


Illite, Montmorillonite, Kaolin

  • Packed in 60ml amber jar
  • Contains 30gFrench green clay
  • Manufactured in Australia