Weck Replacement Glass Lid

By Weck

Glass Lid Size

We carry Weck replacement rubber seals, stainless steel clips, glass lids and plastic lids.

Weck Jar rubber seals, glass lids and plastic lids come in three sizes, and fit the following jars we stock:

RR60 (60mm)

  • Mold 160ML
  • Juice 530ML
  • Juice 1L
  • Cylinder 600ML
  • Tulip 220ML

RR80 (80mm)

  • Cylinder 1L
  • Mold 290ML

RR100 (100mm)

  • Cylinder 1.5L
  • Tulip 1.7L
  • Tulip 2.7L
  • Mold 580ML
  • Mold 850ML

Made in Germany.