Weck Replacement Plastic Lid


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We carry Weck replacement rubber seals, stainless steel clips, glass lids and plastic lids.

Weck Jar plastic lids come in three sizes, and fit the following jars we stock:

RR60 (60mm)

  • Mold 160ML
  • Juice 530ML
  • Juice 1L
  • Cylinder 600ML
  • Tulip 220ML

RR80 (80mm)

  • Cylinder 1L
  • Mold 290ML

RR100 (100mm)

  • Cylinder 1.5L
  • Tulip 1.7L
  • Tulip 2.7L
  • Mold 580ML
  • Mold 850ML

Made in Germany.

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